Ultra-Premium Hammocks

Beautiful, handcrafted hammocks

Here at the Hammock Hut, we have every style, every color, and every design that you can imagine. Uniquely crafted specifically for you, every hammock displays what 15 years of experience, passion, and expertise combine to look like.

Handcrafted using only the finest locally sourced materials, the Hammock Hut takes pride in each of their hammocks. Designed to last a lifetime, each and every one of the Hammock Hut hammocks is made with exceptional craftsmanship and attention to detail. Never cutting any corners to produce quicker turnaround times, the Hammock Hut believes in providing their customers with the best.

Focusing on high-quality, their standard is perfection, and that's a promise that you can trust.

Every hammock is the sized the same, fitting in spaces from 8-12 feet. Water resistant and with a bed space that measures approximately 8’ x 5’, you are sure to find comfort with your hammock’s adjustable anchor points of reach.

Whether you are an avid camper, or you are looking for a fun and stylish way to relax outside, the Hammock Hut has what you need. Come into our workshop and showroom today, or browse our inventory online, and choose a hammock that is right for you.


Amazing Fabrics Make Very Special Hammocks.
  • 15 Years of the Finest Hammocks.
  • Still Handcrafted in Rural, Northern Wisconsin.
  • Choose from Soothing or Eye-Popping Fabric Combinations.
  • Only the Highest Quality Materials.
  • Finished Bed Size is Approximately 8' x 5.'
  • Multiple Anchor Points for Reach and Adjustability. 
  • Ideal For Use Indoors Or Out.
  • Weather-Resistant Rope And Thread.
  • Readily Fits in Spaces from 8 to 12 feet.
  • Extend Your Hammock's Reach With Hanging Accessories.
  • Made In USA.
Here are a few accessories to make hanging your new hammock a breeze.